How is Carrageenan Prepared?

Carrageenan is one of the special ingredients which are used to thicken the dairy products like milk, cheese etc. It is extracted from the red seaweed. It was first made in 1940 to make the chocolate milk, junket, milk desserts, and pudding etc. Commonly, it provides many health benefits to you.

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In 1960, the researchers have been proved that this carrageenan has the ability to cure the diseases of peptic ulcers and also it has the capability to reduce initial pain from the injuries. It contains many fantastic secrets with it. Are you eagerly waiting to know about these secrets? If yes, then read the below section completely. Here we discuss how carrageenan is prepared?

How is carrageenan prepared?

  1. The preparation of carrageenan is almost easy.At first, carrageenan is derived from the natural plant of red seaweed. Take enough amount of carrageenan and wash it using the fresh water. The most important thing is you should not wash it using the salt water.
  2. After completion of the washing process, use alkaline and soak it well. It may take some few hours so you must be waiting until the process is complete.
  3. Then wash it again using the fresh water and chop it completely. During the chopping, you should remove the unwanted impurities in it.
  4. This is one of the important procedures, after completing of chopping process. You must remove the color of the plant. Remember that, after completing every process you should wash it using the fresh water.
  5. Dry this seaweed using the sunlight why because it is natural. With the help of this sunlight, it can able to balance their nature and also it will not spoil quickly.
  6. Grind the seaweed using the machines. Lastly, you will get fresh new carrageenan. This is the procedure to produce the carrageenan easily.

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