Culture, Entertainment and Lifestyle of Singapore

Singapore is a melting pot of diverse cultures. It is a cosmopolitan society, where people live harmoniously. Interaction among different races is not an uncommon part of daily life. You can enjoy the best of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Eurasian cultures through the many traditional and religious festivals in Singapore.

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The island-city is one of the world’s best cities to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  The Hari Raya brings Malay food and festive decorations. The streets of Little India are full of the sights, sounds, and scents of Deepavali. The churches sing with joy while Orchard road lights up during Christmas.

While the festivals are culture-specific, they are nonetheless enjoyed by all of the residents and tourists are welcomed to join in.

Entertainment and lifestyle

Singapore is a dynamic destination, offering a diverse range of exciting activities to suit the different interests of tourists, regardless they are leisure or business travelers. Singapore’s story of continuing transformation delivers personal, unique and fresh experiences. There are places of entertainment such as the Botanic Gardens, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios and much more.

Adding excitement and adrenalin to the island-city’s events scene is the world’s only Formula One night race. The Grand Prix Season in Singapore offers opportunities for exclusive experiences for the discerning visitor. From Formula One aficionados watching the race from the best suites to non-race goers who just want to see the action outside the race circuit.

24-hour entertainment precincts have also increased the appeal of Singapore’s nightlife. You will have various activities to indulge in. You will have places to unwind, including night clubs and bars.

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